Ongoing News

  • I have accepted an internship offer from Salesforce Research (Einstein) for summer 2020 in Palo Alto!

2020 News

  • I gave a guest lecture on Seq2Seq Models for the NLP class (slides, code)
  • Paper accepted to ACL: From English to Code-Switching: Transfer Learning with Strong Morphological Clues
  • Paper accepted to LREC: LinCE: A Centralized Benchmark for Linguistic Code-switching Evaluation
  • Paper accepted to AAAI: Knowledge Distillation from Internal Representations

2019 News

  • 2019/12: Conducted two tutorials at Data Science El Salvador: Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2
  • 2019/12: Completed the Deep Reinforcement Learning Nanodegree also supported by Facebook PyTorch Scholarships!
  • 2019/11: Presented my research on NER at SACNAS (Honolulu, HI).
  • 2019/08: The NSF proposal my advisor and I wrote was accepted!! See this NSF link
  • 2019/07: Received a scholarship from LinkedIn to attend 2019 ACM Richard Tapia Conference
  • 2019/07: The Amazon Alexa Speech team funded my trip to ACL 2019 to present our paper!
  • 2019/06: Completed the Deep Learning Nanodegree supported by Facebook PyTorch Scholarships!
  • 2019/05: Our proposal for Sentiment Analysis on Code-Mixed Data was accepted to SemEval-2020!
  • 2019/05: I started my summer internship at the Alexa AI team in Seattle as Applied Scientist
  • 2019/05: Our paper on “Multimodal and Multi-view for Emotion Recognition” was accepted to ACL!
  • 2019/02: Recipient of the 2019 Snap Inc. Research Fellowship
  • 2019/01: Recipient of the Facebook Scholarship for the Udacity Deep Learning Nanodegree (PyTorch)
  • 2019/01: Awarded with a scholarship to attend the CRA Grad Cohort Workshop for URMD

2018 News

  • 2018/12: Granted with the Best Junior PhD Student Award by the UH CS department
  • 2018/05: Started a summer internship as Applied ML Scientist at Amazon Alexa (Cambridge, MA)
  • 2018/05: Awarded with the UH Alumni Association and NSM Alumni Scholarship
  • 2018/01: Graduate teaching assistant for Natural Language Processing (COSC 3663)

2017 News

  • 2017/11: Code-switching workshop (CALCS) proposal accepted to ACL 2018
  • 2017/09: First place on Noisy User-generated Text (W-NUT) shared task at EMNLP 2017
  • 2017/01: Moved to the Ph.D. program at the University of Houston

2016 News